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Stretch Mark Prevention Oil Scar MDHiding behind every scar is a story that some wish to tell and others that would rather keep hidden. Scars are formed for a variety of reasons. From nasty burn scars to acne scars, no matter how severe they are, it’s a visual reminder of some traumatic event in someones life. An estimated 100 million people develop scars every year. Not all of those are severe scars but, people with abnormal skin scarring may face physical, aesthetic, psychological, and social consequences. With all of those people affected with scarring, what treatments are available? There are all sorts of laser treatments, garments, and oils, but the application of ScarMD Silicone Gel is the real deal. Silicone Gel was developed in the 90’s to replace the original silicone sheets, making it more effective and easier to treat trauma areas. ScarMD Gel’s unique blend of natural occurring silicone is of the highest quality and makes the application process on the scar very easy. The ScarMD silicone gel has been proven to minimize pain and itchiness, reduce the redness and flatten raised scars. What makes ScarMD Silicone Gel different is the fact that it is the first of it’s kind to use medical grade silicone. By refining the medical grade silicone to a more pure form, it allows the product to dry faster. By creating a silky film over the scar, it allows the skin to remodel easier and work all day. By applying the gel twice daily, results have been seen as early as two weeks, however most noticeable improvements in the discoloration, reduction in redness and flattening of the scar takes about three months. The visual improvements of the scar take longer to notice, but in most cases patients scars itchiness, discomfort, and pain will be minimized in only a few days. Scar MD Glide tip ScarMD Silicone Gel is also available in a spray and glide form that allows patients to apply the silicone gel to sensitive scars or scars that cover large areas. The ScarMD Glide has three small balls on the tip of the tube that allow the patient to massage the scar while simultaneously applying the silicone gel. The dual action of applying and massaging the silicone gel helps treat the redness and reduce thinflimation. It’s always better to use ScarMD Silicone gel to prevent the formation of scars, but it has been clinically proven with extensive research and tests to treat scars, even if they’re 20 years old. Physicians have chosen our product based on the proven evidence that it works and with 80% of patients reporting high levels of satisfaction, there is no smoke and mirrors. Also available, is our ScarMD stretch mark prevention oil has been a big hit with mothers expecting and body builders. When you know your going to go through any sort of rapid weight gain, using our stretch mark prevention oil will give you peace of mind that you won’t have any abnormal scaring caused by the extreme weight gain. If you want more information on ScarMD or any of our other products visit the Eclipse home page. Also don’t forget to share and like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+  

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