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Thousands Attend THE Aesthetic Show for Latest Products, Technology

THE Aesthetic Show (TAS) held in Las Vegas July 7-11, was a great success. Thousands of medical, dermatologist and skin-care professionals gathered at TAS to learn about the latest options in the world of Aesthetics. The Eclipse Aesthetics’ team was in attendance with many of our innovative medical and aesthetic solutions. Many attendees asked about the all-new Eclipse Reverse (non-laser tattoo system used for removal), Eclipse Rejuve, Eclipse Skinfinity RF™, Eclipse Firma among others from the Eclipse product library.

Dr. Lee TASDr. Garry Lee’s demonstrated the Eclipse Skinfinity RF™. It is innovative fractional ablative radiofrequency technology designed to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, skin revitalization, skin tightening and stretch marks. Dr. Lee discussed about how he’s earned award-winning results utilizing this powerful RF device as a foundation to a patient’s treatment plan to create infinitely better results for patients and ROI for his practice.

TAS attendees also had the opportunity to see the Eclipse Reverse™ in action for tattooTAS Rostami removal. The Reverse’s non-laser approach has created such an interest because of its revolutionary technology for the tattoo community.

The tattoo system can aid in removal all ink colors and typically requires less treatments than a laser. On Saturday, attendees enjoyed the special discussion held by Dr. Sohelia Rostami as she demonstrated the Reverse.

Since TAS showcases new procedures, products and technologies, the Eclipse team was also excited to talk about the all-new Eclipse Rejuve™, a comprehensive platform with multiple technologies that aid in the appearance of body contouring, skin revitalization and hair removal. All options allow a practice to increase their ROI as well as help patients reach their aesthetic goals.



If you were unable to attend, the Eclipse team would be happy to provide you with the information on medical and aesthetic solutions to fit your practice and patients’ needs. When you’re ready to Eclipse the competition, contact your representative or customer care at (800) 759-6876.


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