• Halts effects from Androgenic Alopecia (hair loss)
  • 40% increase in blood flow and follicle micro-circulation
  • Improves individual hair strand quality, thickness,
    manageability and color
  • Can aid in relief of scalp conditions such as psoriasis, seborrhea
    dermatitis, itch and scaling

After 30 – 45 Days

  • Cleaner, more manageable hair
  • Less hair in shower and on pillows
  • Larger hair shafts appearing
  • Improved hair luster and fuller body
  • Decreased oiliness

After 90 Days

  • Thicker and longer hair
  • Healthier scalp, less or eliminated inflammation
  • Reduced scalp itching
  • Enhanced curl retention for curly hair

After 180 Days

  • Hairs on top and vertex will start filling in

After 1 year

  • Fuller and thicker hair with continued use


FDA 510(K) K122950

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