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As the demand for fast, easy, and affordable platelet-rich plasma (PRP) increases, Eclipse has emerged to the forefront enabling physicians to harness the body’s own power through PRP. Blood is the eternal essence of life. This simple procedure optimizes the body’s own natural abilities.


Safety & Simplicity

Cleared by the FDA as a Class II medical device, Eclipse’s system has been used safely worldwide meeting the widespread need for PRP in various procedures. Volumes and concentration levels can even be customized to meet a patient and procedure needs.

With the single 10-minute spin of the Eclipse Easy Spin™ centrifuge, platelets are separated and easily accessible for use. High-tech separator gel and MACD7 together within the centrifuge prevent coagulation and optimize the patient’s platelet concentration to levels of above 90%.


Patient & Practice Satisfaction

Eclipse is a leader in patient satisfaction with the lowest blood volume draw required. Eclipse PRP® allows physicians to prepare platelet-rich plasma for application at the patient’s point of care with a standard 11 mL or 22 mL blood sample. The 11 mL tube yields ~6 mLs, while the 22 mL yields ~12 mLs of platelet-rich plasma.  PRP is autologous, processed from the patient’s own blood, so the risk of allergic reaction or rejection virtually nonexistent.

In a world with increasing value of convenience, the Eclipse PRP® system provides the ideal procedure time. The entire process takes less than 30 minutes. In three-simple steps, physicians are able to quickly tap into the power of platelet-rich plasma.


prp demandPower Up Profits

With the power and value of Eclipse PRP® comes a great price. In comparison to many competitors, the numbers do all of the talking. The price of an 11 mL tube with a PRP system through Eclipse is up to 37% less than a leading competitor system. In addition, the start-up cost of a system is also significantly lower than many of the PRP competition, creating the largest opportunity for profit.

510(k) number: BK110035. *Source: Transparency Market Research 9/2/2015. **Source: Future Market Insights 7/26/1016.

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