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More and more people are searching for an answer. Living life and experiencing new things generally leaves a toll on us. It could be injuries, burns, surgeries and even just life…but scars have a way of finding us. Thanks to ScarMD®, we have a solution.

Not everyone heals at the same rate as others. Not everyone’s skin type is the same. Once again, ScarMD® comes to the rescue. ScarMD® has formulated a clinically proven effective treatment and prevention line for abnormal scarring: hypertrophic scars, burn scars and keloids that are perfect for any skin type.

Patients have enjoyed:

  • Reduced Redness
  • Reduced Itching
  • Reduced Pain
  • Softening of Scar tissue
  • Flattened Raised Scars

ScarMD Spray

ScarMD® Spray:

The scar spray is a touch free application for painful or sensitive scars. It is ideal for burns and large irregular scars and is the world’s first medical grade silicon spray.


ScarMD Silicone Scar Gel

ScarMD® Gel:

Recognized as the gold standard for the treatment and prevention of abnormal scars. Easy to apply.


ScarMD Glide Gel

ScarMD® Glide:

Surgeons recommend massaging new scars to significantly decrease scar tissue. The tri-ball massaging applicator stimulates blood flow and mechanically re-distributes fibrotic tissue. The applicator ensures a thin layer is applied to dry instantly.


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