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Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, or Stria Distensae in the medical community, are a natural skin condition afflicting both men and women. Thankfully, stretch marks rarely cause serious health issues; however, those with stretch marks know the stress, psychological harm and discomfort stretch marks can pose.

While the exact cause of how or why stretch marks develop is undergoing ongoing research, the factors that cause these unsightly marks are still poorly understood. Various theories exist, ranging from rapid stretching of the dermis (i.e. rapid weight gain during pregnancy or body building), growth spurts during puberty in adolescents, increase in certain hormones, others pose genetics may play a role and some scientists even propose stretch marks can result from infection1.

Naturally women try to avoid them, investing a lot of time, energy and money to prevent and treat stretch marks. Our mission here at ScarMD® is to provide women and men the best, highest quality and most effective scar prevention and therapy products, restoring your confidence and your skin.

Life is stressful enough. You deserve to feel comfortable in your skin.

Common Causes of Stretch Marks

ScarMD Stretch Mark Preventative Oil No LogoPregnancy

Pregnancy is the #1 cause of stretch marks among women. The risk of stretch marks increase greatly after the sixth month of pregnancy. As your body prepares for birth it produces hormones that help soften ligaments, these also soften skin fibers making your dermis more susceptible to striae. This is why it is extremely important for mothers to massage our Stretch Mark Prevention Oil twice daily for the best protection against unsightly stretch marks.

Rapid Weight Gain

Individuals that experience rapid weight gain are more likely to get stretch marks, for example body builders. Regular dieting and then subsequent rapid weight gain will also produce stretch marks. To prevent stretch marks, doctors recommend that body builders always keep their skin at maximum hydration while using effective stretch mark prevention oil for maximum protection.


Young people tend to grow very fast during puberty which puts extra strain on the dermis. Males often get stretch marks on their shoulders and back, whereas females tend to get them on their hips, thighs and breasts. Life is hard enough for our young loved ones, why add the extra stress of being self conscious about stretch marks, especially during such critical times?

Fact: It’s always more effective to prevent than treat stretch marks, that’s why doctors recommend that parents ease this transition into adult hood by encouraging their growing teens to take a proactive approach against unsightly stretch mark during these periods of rapid growth, especially young women.

Family History

If you have close relatives who have stretch marks (such as your mother) the risk may be greater.


  • Skin Type – your risk is higher if you have fair skin1
  • Family History – your risk is higher if stretch marks run in your family1,4,5
  • Prior History – your risk is higher if you had prior stretch marks during puberty1


  • Dermis Hydration State – the overall health of the dermis significantly impacts your risk of stretch marks4
  • Weight Gain – your risk is lower if you avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy1,3,4
  • Hydration – your risk is lower if you drink eight glasses of water each day4


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