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About ScarMD ®

ScarMD® is a new concept in the beauty and aesthetics market. For many years, the best kept beauty secrets have remained guarded in expensive clinics exclusively for ‘A’ list celebrities.

These breakthroughs have been developed by scientists, studied under the most stringent clinical conditions and used by the select few who knew the products worked because the data showed, beyond a doubt, that these clinically proven products were effective.

ScarMD® now provides these professional quality products for practitioners and their clients. ScarMD® has developed a unique range of products that contain ingredients proven to be effective. While other scar-care companies claim the efficacy of their products, all ScarMD® products are tested and proven to be effective under the most stringent clinical studies, done by experts in their fields.

All published data is noted in our product information in an effort to help you select the ScarMD® product that is right for your needs.


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