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Patient comfort is always a primary concern for any health care provider. Eclipse Topical Anesthetic™ is a topical anesthetic for use prior to minimally invasive procedures or to relieve the pain of various skin issues. Eclipse Topical Anesthetic™ can also be used for post-surgical, closed-wound pain management for various types of practices including: orthopedic, podiatry, cosmetic, neuropathic and general medicine.

In IRB-approved studies, Eclipse Topical Anesthetic™ has shown to be both safe and effective. The proprietary formula is designed to absorb quickly and with improved efficacy. It is easy to apply and leaves behind no gritty or sticky residue.

Available sizes:
2.2 Oz./6 Pkg.
100 3 mL packets/Box

Features & Benefits Include:Product Image. Anesthetic Box 100 pkts . white bkgd
• Simple to apply and remove prior to procedures
• Rapid onset, medium duration of efficacy
• Over-the-Counter (OTC)
• FDA Monograph policy compliant
• Third-party tested for active ingredient integrity and microbes
• Typically causes no cutaneous irritation when applied to intact skin
• Conveniently packaged in sanitary, single-dose packets
• Highly competitive price
• Two-year shelf life
• Made in USA FDA approved/monitored facility
• Active ingredient is lidocaine HCl 4% for premium safety

Used for Applications Including:
• Minimally invasive procedures
• Aesthetic/cosmetic applications
• Dermatological procedures
• Injections
• Venipuncture
• Micro-needling
• Tattoo removal treatments
• Permanent make-up procedures
• Body art procedures
• Waxing and hair removal
• Closed-wound care applications


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