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A patient’s comfort is always a primary concern. Eclipse now offers a variety of ways to ease the potential pain of minimally invasive procedures and various skin issues.

• Minimally invasive applications
• Aesthetic/cosmetic procedures
• Dermatological procedures
• Injections
• Venipuncture
• Micro-needling
• Tattoo removal procedures
• Permanent make-up procedures
• Body art procedures
• Waxing and hair removal
• Closed-wound care applications

The Eclipse Topical Analgesic™ Variety Pack offers three options: Benzocaine, Lidocaine and Tetracaine. Each individual anesthetic analgesic is provided in its own box and packaged together for the convenience of the clinician.

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Eclipse analgesics have shown to be both safe and effective. The proprietary formula is designed to absorb quickly and with improved efficacy. It is easy to apply and leaves behind no gritty or sticky residue. The Eclipse Topical Analgesic™ Variety Pack includes proprietary formulations designed to improve delivery and onset rate of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Clinicians are provided with the option of choosing the appropriate anesthetic analgesic commensurate with specific applicable uses. For additional convenience, each individual sanitary, single-use packet is supplied as a metered dose application for dosing precision and waste minimization.


Features & Benefits

• Over-the-Counter (OTC)
• FDA Monograph policy compliant
• Made in USA FDA registered/monitored facility
• Simple to apply and remove prior to procedures
• Rapid onset
• Third-party tested for active ingredient integrity and microbes
• Typically causes no cutaneous irritation when applied to intact skin
• Highly competitive price
• Can be dispensed at high margins
• Two-year shelf life

Products are regulated by, marketed, and manufactured in accordance with the 21 CFR 348 Monograph OTC Topical Analgesics and Anesthetics.


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