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Jennifer M Segal headshot-derm testimonial cytoactive“We love cytoactive® . We use it to massage all of our patients post injectables because of its ability to soothe the skin and minimize bruising and swelling.”

Jennifer M. Segal, M.D.

Dermatologist, Medical Director at Metropolitan Dermatology Institute PLLC



cytoactive bruise cream lower face lift post operation

Day 2 post lower face lift with cytoactive.

cytoactive bruise cream 5 day post lower face lift post operation

Day 5 post lower face lift with cytoactive. Doctor surprised by lack of bruising.

I  am a 54-year old woman and had a partial face lift focusing on the bottom half of my face (jaw line & chin) just before Christmas 2011. cytoactive® way applied to all areas immediately after the procedure by the physician, including my entire neck. Two days after surgery, the bandages were removed and cytoactive® was again applied by the physician, who was amazed by the lack of bruising and swelling (Pic #1). I continued to apply it to my entire face & neck 2-3 times a day for 3 days (Pic #2). Not only did I experience minimal discoloration, but there was minimal swelling too. The product felt very hydrating and did not feel greasy but rather a natural feeling on my skin. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone having surgery where bruising is commonly a side effect.”


bruise cream post opp cancer surgery day

Day 3 post opp for skin cancer. Day 1 of cytoactive use.

bruise cream post opp cancer surgery

Day 5 post opp for skin cancer. Day 3 of cytoactive use.

“The day after I had two malignant skin cancers removed from above my right eye my cheek below my eye was bruised badly.  I used warm-water compress on my face because it was sore from surgery, but the bruises continued and seemed to spread.  I decided to give cytoactive® a try on the 4th day after my surgery, so I applied  it that night before bed.  The next morning I noticed a great change to the better, so I applied it several times during the day and before bed.  The next morning (day 6 post-op) the bruise was gone except for a little red in a wrinkle on the side of my nose. Since I’m 86 years old, I have some wrinkles!  I highly recommend this product.”


day 1 cytoactive bruise cream senior hands bruising

Day 1 of cytoactive use by 72-year-old with chronic hand bruising

72 YO Senior Hands Day 5 - Picture1

Day 5 with cytoactive on 72-year-old hands with on-going bruising now reduced









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