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CytoActive_966x308_081715   Bruising happens, especially after certain cosmetic procedures. Now, there is relief available for healthcare professionals* and their patients. Introducing cytoactve® gel crème.This product has been specially formulated for use after procedures that have a high frequency of post-treatment bruising. The texture, concentration, viscosity and apply-ability of cytoactve® gel-crème for bruises make it more effective for use following facial and cosmetic procedures.
Jennifer M Segal headshot-derm testimonial cytoactive “We love cytoactive. We use it to massage all of our patients post injectables because of its ability to soothe the skin and minimize bruising and swelling.”
Jennifer M. Segal, M.D. Dermatologist, Medical Director at Metropolitan Dermatology Institute PLLC
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The cytoactve® gel-crème for bruises helps assure the best possible outcome for the patient. The gel crème quickly absorbs into the skin to help minimize the appearance of bruises that can appear after cosmetic procedures, such as Botox injections or the use of injectable fillers. With cytoactve®, healthcare providers and patients can be proactive and apply it prior to unsightly bruising to help minimize any potential post-procedural bruising.      
cytoactive bruise cream lower face lift post operation.

Day 2: cytoactve post lower face lift

cytoactive bruise cream 5 day post lower face lift post operation

Day 5: cytoactve post lift. Doctor surprised by lack of bruising

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