Skin Revitalization
Skin revitalization is a treatment to resurface skin, or to improve the texture, clarity and overall appearance of skin. It can treat fine lines, wrinkle, texture, pigmentation and more. Whatever the method, the result is usually a smoother, clearer and more youthful appearance of the skin. A number of procedures and treatments are available for overall skin revitalization. Laser technologies can help stimulate new collagen growth while removing damaged skin. Patients experience smoother, younger and healthier-looking skin.

Light therapy treatments can also revitalize skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. Microdermabrasion treatments use an abrasive treatment to remove surface skin and reveal healthier skin beneath.The number of skin revitalization sessions required for a complete course of treatment varies based on the type of skin conditions being treated and individual characteristics of the client in question.The specially-designed skin revitalization treatment head is applied to the skin, cooling the upper skin layers, while giving a soothing anesthetic effect. Laser and RF energy are applied in a series of short pulses, sometimes producing a sensation akin to a quick pinch.

To enhance the effectiveness of skin revitalization treatments, gentle exfoliation using Microdermabrasion takes place between the skin revitalization treatments. Microdermabrasion uses fine crystals that are blown over the skin and then immediately collected using the instrument’s vacuum head, removing old skin and allowing the more youthful and radiant skin cells from the skin revitalization therapy to come to the surface of the skin more quickly.

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