Everyone wants beautiful skin, but how can one combat blemish marks, dark spots, wrinkles and add more vibrance and luster to the skin? Skin Brightener Unfortunately, there are outside factors. Out in the elements, skin is constantly bombarded by things that can cause the appearance of skin look tired and blotchy. Now there is help. Eclipse Aesthetics has formulated a Skin Brightener™ to restore the brilliance your skin once had. The unique blend of ingredients, including Vitamin C, works on the skin to bring it back to life. Add Eclipse Skin Brightener™ Anti-Age Brightening Cream to your daily regimen and experience a new layer of beauty that’s been waiting to be uncovered. For more information about Eclipse Skin Brighter™ or any of our other products, such as: Eclipse Skin Brightener™Vitamin C Serum™MicroGlide GF, or MicroGlide HA, please visit us at www.EclipseAesthetics.com.

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