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VOGUE. The award-winning, cordless, automated micro-needling device was featured in articles called: “Later, Lasers: Why Microneedling Is the Next Big Thing in Skin Care.” In the article, the magazine looks at how the procedure has advanced and grown in popularity over time. Cheryl Burgess, M.D., a dermatologist in Washington, D.C. shared her first encounters with the treatment, “When I first started needling in the ’80s, I was gripping a single 30-gauge needle with a hemostat [clamp] and poking the skin repeatedly to get at fine lines and acne scars—painstaking, but it worked.”  


That is what skin-care professionals and patients all have repeated, micro-needling works. Thankfully, the procedure and technology has also improved over the years.  Per the VOGUE article: “The automated stamping pens derms wield today—the Eclipse MicroPen® a favorite among them—make for far faster work, of course, and are considerably cheaper than the higher-tech alternative of fractional lasers, which create similar pinpoint channels in the skin. (And not by coincidence: The technology was actually “patterned after the concept of needling,” says Burgess.)”


The Eclipse MicroPen® Elite has been recognized as the “Best Micro-Needling Device” by THE Aesthetic Guide Awards. The MicroPen® Elite is the most advanced medical-grade automated micro-needling device on the market. It features a medical-grade stainless steel body, powerful motor, long-lasting lithium-ion battery and revolutionary Turbo Safety Cartridge™.


In regards to safety, many pens risk cross contamination due to inferior cartridges, but the the Eclipse Turbo Safety Cartridge™ virtually eliminates cross-contamination risk by blocking migration of fluids through the cartridge housing. In addition, clinicians are also provided with the Eclipse MicroSleeve™  for an additional layer of protection and peace of mind to an Eclipse MicroPen® Elite micro-needling treatment. The protective sheath is specially designed to further minimize the risk of cross-contamination between procedures.


Overall, the ease of use, optimal results and minimal downtime are truly what makes this such a sought after device and procedure. For the full story, please click here. For more information on the Eclipse MicroPen® Elite or any of other Eclipse aesthetic solutions, visit:

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