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The Eclipse MicroPen® Elite is making for a real page turner. Check out the award-winning micro-needling device in the March issue of Medestetics. In case you haven’t heard, the Eclipse MicroPen Elite was recently garnered the coveted award of Best Micro-Needling Device by THE Aesthetic Guides’ Aesthetic Industry Awards. The MicroPen® has been a nationally sought-after device, and now it is being recognized for the many benefits that practices and patients have been marveling about.


MicroPen Elite in the Media Ad


Along with the MicroPen®, you can also learn about MicroGlide GF™ with growth factor, ClearistaPRO Refining Pen and Retexturing gel, and the soon-to-be-released Eclipse Reverse™ tattoo removal pen. MicroGlide GF™ with growth factor has been a beneficial addition to our library of solutions. While MicroGlide GF™ can be used in conjunction with other applications including microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing, it optimizes the skin’s response to the MicroPen® procedure by promoting improved conditions for healing with reduced inflammation.


Clearista® is a revolutionary skin-care solution recently added to the Eclipse family of products. ClearistaPRO Refining Pen™  and Retexturing Gel help the reduction of the appearance of unsightly blemishes, roughness, and unevenness to reveal skin that appears younger and more vibrant. Clearista’s patented formulation is also extremely effective in taking care of Seborrheic Keratosis (SK) or Keratosis Pilaris, conditions based on having excess keratin on the skin. The Refining Pen, combined with Clearista Retexturing Gel, work together as an ideal skin-care solution.


Last but not least, we cannot forget to mention the highly-anticipated Eclipse Reverse™ . This tattoo removal pen is a revolutionary device for the removal of tattoo ink. The Reverse utilizes a new technique called Mechanized Epidermal Tattoo Removal (METR), a non-laser approach that can safely remove all ink in approximately 3-5 sessions through our proprietary solution that coagulates the ink and then draws it out of the skin.


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