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Eclipse eVIVE™ Accelerated Technology

Eclipse eVIVE™ creates unique radial pulses by using a projectile five times heavier than standard air compressor systems and a reduced final velocity upon contact with the applicator. Though the force of the accelerator and the mass of the projectile are efficient down to 35 mm depth, they are more comfortable for the patient than comparable systems.


Eclipse eVIVE™ Set Up - ImageIncreased Patient Comfort and Compliance

Less pain, same energy – that’s the power of Eclipse eVIVE’s™ SoftShot Technology. Energy is maintained by a longer pulse rise time. This eliminates the need for unpleasant high peak pressure amplitudes. The lower peak and longer rise time helps minimize any uncomfortable sensations that are normally associated with this type of therapy. Increased patient comfort and compliance results in easier treatments at higher energy levels, leading to successful therapy.

The Eclipse eVIVE™ becomes an extension of your hands, delivering mechanical stimulation to the target tissue.


  • Radial Pulse Therapy provides an excellent alternative for muscle tissue.
  • As a massager, the energy treats minor muscle aches and pain in the target tissue.
  • Easy-to-use and requires minimal preparation, enabling the practitioner to deliver efficient and effective treatments.
  • On average, Radial Pulse Therapy is performed only once or twice a week for a total of five to six sessions.
  • Most treatments are administered at 2,500 – 3,000 pulses and takes less than 10 minutes per session.



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