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The Eclipse eVIVE™ has been utilized by physicians across the United States and Internationally with great success. Read why more healthcare professional enjoy the ease of use, effectiveness and reliability of the radial pulse therapy (RPT) device. 


“It’s had a tremendous effect on our practice, enabling patients to get better sooner.”

– D. Lipitz, Physical Therapist

Revive detail_touchscreen w finger_USA_RW small“Pulsed wave therapy is a tremendous asset to my practice. It is the most effective treatment modality that I use to treat patients suffering from chronic foot pain unrelieved by traditional conservative treatments.”

– M. Cunha, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine


“Nothing I have used has been as significant as Radial Pulse Therapy. It saves my hands.”

– T. Rodman, Chiropractic Physician





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