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DALLAS, April 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Eclipse Aesthetics®, LLC., a leading aesthetic and medical manufacturer, is pleased to announce clearance by Health Canada for the Eclipse MicroPen® Elite, an advanced medical-grade, automated, cordless, high-speed micro-needling device.

Clinics utilize the MicroPen® Elite to aid in the improved appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, skin tone and texture. The device can be used on various areas including the face, neck, décolleté, arms, hands and beyond.


“We’re excited to bring the Eclipse MicroPen® Elite to the Canadian market,” said Tom O’Brien, CEO and Founder of Eclipse. “The micro-needling pen’s popularity, reliability and clinical efficacy has been highly sought after by Canadian skin-care professionals at American medical conferences. For the first time, it can now be sold though our distribution partner Salient Medical Solutions.”


“Salient’s commitment to sourcing innovative and advanced medical technology continues with its alliance with Eclipse,” says Jay Herman, President of Salient Medical Solutions. “The micro-needling pen, company’s future innovations and commitment to regulatory compliance made our decision to partner with Eclipse clear.”


The automated micro-needling pen is a safe alternative to common skin resurfacing tools, such as lasers and dermal rollers. The MicroPen® Elite, which won THE Aesthetic Industry Award for “Best Micro-Needling Device,” is affordable, portable, effective, requires minimal to no down time and provides natural-looking results.


“With the Health Canada clearance and growing global distribution of Eclipse MicroPen® Elite, we look forward to reaching a new consumer base,” said Tom Goslau, Director of International Sales. “The device will allow skin-care providers a new and more effective way to address the evolving needs of aging consumers.”


Thousands of skin-care professionals across the globe offer the Eclipse MicroPen® Elite in their practice. The top-selling micro-needling pen has garnered national and international media acclaim for its outstanding results in creating healthier, rejuvenated-looking skin.


About Eclipse

Eclipse Aesthetics®, LLC. provides superior solutions to the U.S. and International aesthetic and medical communities. The company offers a portfolio of quality products including: Eclipse MicroPen® Elite, Eclipse PRP®, platelet rich-plasma kits; and Theradome, laser hair helmet; among others.


About Salient

Salient Medical Solutions has been instrumental in introducing emerging technologies to the Canadian marketplace. Salient represents world-class medical manufacturers providing Canadians with the most current, effective and efficient technologies.


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