The eyes reveal a lot, including how one ages. Combat the appearance of ­fine lines, dark spots and sun damage with dĒp Patch™ Under Eye skin-care system. The patches are reusable for up to 8 applications and include a built-in power pack. dĒp Patch™ provides superior results to standard topical applications alone.

dĒp Patch™ Under Eye Deluxe Kit Includes
• One pair of eye patches, reusable up to 8 applications
• One 15 mL bottle of C+ LIQUID GOLD Infusing Serum
• One 15 mL bottle of White Out Lightening Cream
Bonus: Complimentary magnetic keepsake box



Technical Specifications:
  • dĒp Patch™ Under Eye
  • Powered with 3 Volt battery
  • Generates 0.20 mA or 0.000116 A-cm2 (micro-current distribution)

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