Crazy Cool Hydro-Thermal Mask works to provide an instant feeling of relief and aids in hydrating skin. Refrigerating mask for short-term effects are a thing of the past. This innovative product does not require refrigeration and keeps its cool to ensure comforting results for longer than traditional masks of he past.

The Science

Years of scientific research led to the creation of the unique Crazy Cool Hydro-Thermal Mask.

Aids in Moisturizing

Crazy Cool increases the amount of moisture via enhanced absorption of DI water.

Comforts & Cools

The selling cool effect takes place via the process of evaporation and the natural cooling effect of the DI water.

How it Works

Upon removal of the special mask’s liner, the water evaporation process begins and creates a continuous cooling effect that will leave one feeling relieved, revitalized and refreshed.

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