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It’s time to get back to school! As summer comes to a close, the school year has a tendency to add a bit of chaos to most people’s  already busy lives. No need to let it get you (or your skin) down. Feeling overwhelmed and worn down from getting kids back in the groove. After making sure the kids have what they need for success; it’s time to make sure you pamper yourself a bit.

Lessons to Rest

The more you have on your plate, the easier it is for sleep deprivation to creep up on you. Not getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night can put a serious damper on skin. Being over tired, you may miss important steps in taking care of yourself on a daily basis. Getting enough rest means fewer wrinkles, brighter eyes, and a healthier complexion in the long term. When you’re sleep-deprived, it shows. You deserve to have relaxed, beautiful skin, not tired and dehydrated skin.

Fall in Love with Your Skin

With the year making it’s way forward, be sure to make it a priority to not neglect what your skin needs to thrive, especially for when the weather cools down. Be proactive and keep your skin moisturized so that when the weather does get cooler you’re ahead of the dry skin that typically comes from lower temperatures.

Have all Your Supplies?

Of course you make sure the kiddos have their backpacks, notebooks and pencils. You also need make sure you have what you need so you’re prepared for the days ahead. Many people have enjoyed the outdoors this summer. That means more time was likely spent out in the sun. That could mean sun spots. Many who are out in the sun for extended periods of time can pick up discoloration and uneven skin tones. One way to address such matters is to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells make way for the new ones that are waiting to restore lackluster skin back to life.

Dry skin can be an issue, especially as the seasons change. Using a proper moisturizer is key. Never leave home without taking time to apply and/or take a good lotion with you. Don’t forget, just because the weather may drop, that doesn’t mean you get to drop the sun protection from your skincare. It’s always important to protect the skin from the sun and it’s effects.

Step it up!

This is a time we are very busy and can neglect taking care of ourselves, like finding time to exercise.  This is the time one can benefit from exercise. It can aid in your body’s blood flow helping you feel refreshed and manage varying stress levels . Stress doesn’t do any favors for the aging process.  Combat with with a fun run. Walk the stairs. Do something to that will show down the road in how one feels and looks.

What’s Next?

When dinner is done, the kids are finished with their homework and in bed, it is prime time to relax and try the  dEp Patch™ Full Face Mask available from Eclipse. The battery powered (yes, it really amps up skin care), reusable mask utilizes micro-current technology to deliver a premium vitamin c serum to the skin. It comes with a wonderful lightening cream. as well. Going in for a procedure? Ask your provider about the self-cooling effects of the Eclipse Crazy Cool™ Hydro-Thermal Mask. It can be just what one needs after a variety of facial procedures. To learn more ideas, visit @Eclipse_Med on Instagram or Eclipse Aesthetics on Facebook. We share new information daily!


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